Does your business rely on cars or trucks to service your customer?

You could be costing your business thousands!

Hundreds of small and large businesses in Toledo have fleets which are used to provide a service. If one of these vehicles goes out of commission, it could cost your business thousands of dollars to get back on the road. More than that, the lost revenue could reach well into the tens of thousands depending on how long the truck is out for. Granted, you may have back up trucks waiting to catch the slack, but then again you may not!

Did you know most major repair costs could be avoided with a strict proactive maintenance program?

What about the costs of the vehicle itself?

You buy a truck, maybe it’s new, maybe it’s used…either way the vehicle is pretty good condition when you make the purchase. After a few years, the truck has been good to you, but the mileage is starting to get pretty high, the seats are worn, and the body has a few dents and dings. What do you do with it? In most cases, you’re going to try to sell the vehicle to get some of your money back out of it. After a few years of abuse, it can’t be worth much, right?!

Did you know you keeping accurate records of vehicle maintenance can raise the value by thousands of dollars?

Would it help if you could sell or trade your well used fleet vehicle for a few thousand dollars more? Of course it would.

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